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Things that Won't be Added

Non-Music Commands/Features#

JMusicBot is a music bot, so features that have no relation to music (such as moderation or image-generation features) will not be added. If you need a bot that does things other than music, consider searching on the Discord Bots website.


Playing from Spotify is not possible, for three main reasons: 1. This would require an additional API key to look up songs on Spotify, which would be confusing for some users and overall make the bot feel more complicated to use. 2. Streaming from Spotify isn't allowed, so the bot would have to "guess" and just play the closest match from YouTube, which is unreliable at best. 3. Discord already has native support for syncing up Spotify playlists between users, so there's no reason to not just use that (and get better audio anyway from Spotify instead of from a Discord voice channel).

Features Requiring Additional API Keys#

This includes things like Spotify (as noted above), which would require users to obtain and configure more keys (beyond a Discord bot token). This process can be confusing for some users and there are other tools online that can do the job better (in most cases).

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