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📃 Youtube Playlists#

To play a youtube playlist, all you need is the play command and a playlist link or playlist ID.


# Full Playlist URL
+ !play

# Playlist ID
+ !play PLUib4KwT0DMJaPgg_nr1ia8FY5JcXksvb

# Not a Playlist link! (notice the `watch?v=`)
- !play

📃 Local Playlists#

Local playlists are .txt files found in the Playlists folder in the same folder as you are running the bot from. Each line of the file is a new entry, and entries can be: * links to youtube videos, soundcloud tracks, or online files * full or relative path to local files * links to youtube or soundcloud playlists * links to online streams or radio * searches, prefixed by ytsearch: for a youtube search and scsearch: for a soundcloud search

Lines starting with # or // are ignored for songs. To make a playlist automatically shuffle when loaded, add #shuffle or //shuffle on its own line somewhere in the playlist.

Example Playlist:

# This is an example playlist
# You can put this in your Playlists folder as example_playlist.txt

# The following line currently makes the playlist shuffle
# Remove this line entirely if you don't want shuffling
# shuffle

# youtube playlist id:

# searches
ytsearch:gorillaz dare audio
scsearch:lights metrognome

# direct link
Example Command:
!play playlist example_playlist

📃 Soundcloud Playlists#

Just use the play command followed by the playlist link.


!play [link coming soon]

📃 Spotify#

Unfortunately, Spotify's Terms of Service prevent playing music from Spotify. Please consider using a playlist converter such as to convert a Spotify playlist into a YouTube playlist.

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