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Finding Your User ID

This page describes how to find your unique User ID. Any of these methods work, and you only need to do one of them.

Method 1#

  1. Enter text as if you are going to mention (ping) yourself. (Make sure that you are mentioning yourself and no one else)
  2. Insert a backslash (\) before the mention
  3. Send the message. What will appear is your ID surrounded by <@ or <@! on the left and > on the right (the message should be highlighted)
  4. Copy only the numbers; the other symbols are not part of your User ID

Method 2#

  1. Click the User Settings button
    User Settings
  2. In the Appearance tab, check the Developer Mode option
    Developer Mode
  3. Right-click your username in a member list, and select Copy ID
    Copy ID
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